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Czechoslovakia - 1st Anniversary of Independence and Czechoslovak Legion Commemoration, 1919

I got quite excited when I read that NZ Post were doing a Machin for their “Queen Elizabeth II - 60th Anniversary of the Coronation” issue.
Until I saw it.
Crap fonts.
Crap colour.
And she’s looking the wrong way

must get


Nobody has been able to lick Judge Dredd, but now everyone can as he is appearing on a stamp along with other favourites from British comics:

On March 20th the Royal Mail are to issue a set of commemorative stamps on the theme of British comics. Very nice looking designs too, each featuring a different cover with a head shot of a character related to that comic in the foreground.

The comics featured are: The Dandy (with Desperate Dan), The Beano (Dennis the Menace), Eagle (Dan Dare), Topper (Beryl the Peril), Tiger (Roy of the Rovers), Bunty (The Four Marys), Buster (Hugh McNeill version of Buster), Valiant (The Steel Claw), Twinkle (Twinkle), and 2000AD (Judge Dredd).

The Dredd art is from Cliff Robinson and the cover is from prog 23.



Before sexting, before coded bracelets, there were…stamps? Rio Wang has written a fascinating piece about how the angle that stamps were placed on the envelope conveys different meanings. According to the OP, the tradition began with the Austro-Hungarians in the 1860’s and swiftly spread throughout Europe.

stamp man

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French stamp c. 1968; Château de Langeais. Engraved by Jean Pheulpin.


New Zealand stamp

Proof - if there was ever need of proof - that there is a web page for everyone. Dan’s design errors page documents the errors of geographic representation that are found on stamps.

There is clearly a lot of work that has gone into this collection however without sounding to pedantic myself I wonder whether some of the entries are design errors or rather accurate representations of mapping errors. The example of the New Zealand stamps are good examples. Dan has got quite excited about a peninsula being shown as an island and an island being shown as (a quite improbably) peninsula. These are the sort of things that confuse schoolchildren and get geographer overly bothered. The problem is that Cook originally mapped them that way - so does this a design error or not? 

Probably not…


French stamp c. 1970; Triumph of Flora by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Engraved by Eugène Lacaque.

Wonderful detail work in the engraving.

they may well have been honoured in 1957 but these days they seem to be getting a particularly crap deal


It’s World Teachers’ Day today and we’re celebrating with a look into our archives at this stamp issued in 1957 in honor of our nation’s teachers and the National Education Association’s centennial.

Thank you for all of your hard work, educators around the world!

Marshall Islands - The 20th Century, issued 1999