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I got quite excited when I read that NZ Post were doing a Machin for their “Queen Elizabeth II - 60th Anniversary of the Coronation” issue.
Until I saw it.
Crap fonts.
Crap colour.
And she’s looking the wrong way


French stamp c. 1968; Château de Langeais. Engraved by Jean Pheulpin.


French stamp c. 1970; Triumph of Flora by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Engraved by Eugène Lacaque.

Wonderful detail work in the engraving.


Albertus Magnus on a belgium postage stamp from 1969

Albertus Magnus was noted for:

His breadth and depth of knowledge on all subjects. He was a teacher of and major influence on Thomas Aquinas, he promoted the teachings of Aristotle at the University of Paris, and he completed a monumental compilation of all academic knowledge as it was understood in his time. Albertus Magnus is the only scholar of his era to have earned the appellation “Great” — a title that was used during his lifetime.


French stamp c. 1967; Rodez Cathedral.

First day of issue: 3 June 1953
Watermark: Tudor Crown


French Stamp: Edmond Dulac

USA - American Illustrators


Rockwell Kent

from Moby Dick, Random House, 1930


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