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This could have been a wonderful issue given the source material they had to work with. Great sculpted profiles of QEII ruined by dreadful use of fonts, size of image in frame, orientation and colour. You may have guessed that I’m not impressed.

I got quite excited when I read that NZ Post were doing a Machin for their “Queen Elizabeth II - 60th Anniversary of the Coronation” issue.
Until I saw it.
Crap fonts.
Crap colour.
And she’s looking the wrong way


French stamp c. 1968; Château de Langeais. Engraved by Jean Pheulpin.


French stamp c. 1970; Triumph of Flora by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Engraved by Eugène Lacaque.

Wonderful detail work in the engraving.


French stamp c. 1967; Rodez Cathedral.