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Date of issue: 5 January 2012
Perforation 13.25 x 13

60c - Calligraphy
The Chinese character for ‘dragon’ on the 60c stamp is from the Xi Xia Song stone monument, carved in the ‘Lishu’ calligraphy style.
$1.20 - Paper-cut Dragon
$1.90 - Dragon Lantern
The dragon lantern featured on the $1.90 stamp was used in the Auckland Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebrations
$2.40 - Dunedin Railway Station
Dunedin was one of the earliest settlements for Chinese immigrants in New Zealand.
The Year of the Dragon began on 23 January 2012


GB - Regional Definitives, Wales 1af
First day of issue: 8 June 1999
Size: 20mm x 24mm